Project HOPEFUL Founder/Executive Director, Carolyn Twietmeyer, husband Kiel, and their 13 children are featured in the December 6th issue of People Magazine (available on newsstands November 26th)

Carolyn answers a few questions about the interview experience:

So what was it like being featured in an article in the largest magazine in the world?
CT: It was intimidating but incredible to imagine the people who could be reached with the reality about HIV/AIDS and orphans waiting for families. The truth is adopting these children to totally DOABLE. Now millions of people will have the chance to learn about it.

What do you hope is accomplished through the People article?
CT: I hope that many more families will step forward to advocate for and adopt children waiting now. I hope the Truth Pandemic campaign will transform people’s ways of thinking about HIV/AIDS and help break down social stigma.

Did anything funny or embarrassing happen during the interview or photo shoot?
CT: There was an impromptu break dancing session that occurred. Actually it was mentioned in the article by the author. It was crazy! Kids were doing the worm, busting’ a move, and clapping all over the place.

What’s next for Project HOPEFUL?
CT: We’ve just launched two amazing programs to advocate for children and families. The Family in the Gap (FIG)Program partners waiting children with advocates willing to support them in the process of searching for a forever family. The HOPE+ Sisterhood offers hope and a future to HIV+ mothers and their children. It’s Project HOPEFUL’s way of preventing children from being orphaned by HIV/AIDS