Tuesday is the day that we try to feature one of our waiting children.
I want to bring 2 children to your attention today.  One of our FIG members has done an outstanding job advocating for these 2 special boys.  She knows them and loves them.  They recently both lost families who were coming for them.  While neither of the boys are HIV+, they have special needs that need to be met.
Meet Sasha.  He has $3137.82 in his grant fund.  He is a precious boy who deserves to be in a family.  His good friend is Nikolai.  He has $3117.74 in his grant fund.  These boys know each other and can be adopted together.  You can read their profiles here.

Please be in prayerful consideration about what roll the Lord has for you concerning orphan care.  While it is a tremendous blessing to adopt, perhaps this is not something you can do right now.  Please consider the roll of FIG advocate and be like Alisha, standing in the gap for these two boys until their family is found.  Any of the children on our list would be blessed to have you praying and shouting from the rooftops for them.  If this is something you are interested in participating in, contact me, Traci, at figs@projecthopeful.org .