A guest post by Suzanne Mayernick

Josie will turn SEVEN in February.  It is so hard to believe.  

We will forever be dealing with the stigma that is attached to HIV/AIDS.  There have been many children with HIV adopted through Josie’s story.  While it brings a smile to my face, it also fills my heart with sadness.  

Many of the families that have gone to bring these children home are not willing to disclose that their children are positive.  While I COMPLETELY understand the fear that accompanies what your child might endure because of the virus ( I feel the fear also, thankfully, Christ carries that burden on my behalf)  If we are not willing to walk the journey and bring light to the darkness that accompanies it, then Christ is not glorified in the capacity that HE could be.  Which in the end, just adds more stigma.  

This is a VERY controversial subject, one that I really struggle with deep down.  The past several years I have encouraged these adoptions and maybe haven’t done my due diligence in preparing hearts on how to deal with life and not fear once you get these children home.  It saddens my heart.  

It makes life harder with Josie because there are MANY “positive” children in the US now, sitting in the infectious disease doctors offices all over the nation, not willing to take a bold stand on behalf of these children and educate  others on the virus.  If their parents are not willing to educate, encourage, and enable then who will be their advocates?  Why not just hand it over to Christ and walk in the light?  No lies, no secrets, just living out your faith walk that HE has given you to show who HE really is, each and every day.  

Is it hard? YES.  Does it make you more dependent on Him? YES.  Does it free your family up to live out LOUD the journey that HE has given you? YES.  Does it release you from the fear that Satan  has you bound in? YES.  Does it make my heart ache that fear overrides Christ? ABSOLUTELY.