It’s Wednesday night and your pastor calls you at home. He tells you that there will be out of town visitors to the church on Sunday and that he wanted to make certain the guests would feel welcome. Naturally, you agree to help. Then the pastor asks you for something extraordinary: He asks you to bring to church one day of your salary. All of it. If you earn $45,000 a year, that’s about $180. If you earn $100,000 as a household, that’s $400. You don’t really have time to question the pastor before he thanks you and hangs up to call the next congregant. And so, Sunday rolls around and you oblige – even though it’s hard.

Some variety of that is what happened to us in Uganda this week. We went to attend church in Nakibule (where many of our Hope + Sisters attend church) and toward the end of a lovely service, the pastor asked the congregation to come forward for the offering. As the offering came to a close, the pastor asked his people to rise again and bring gifts to the alter for their guests. Us. And in that place, with tears streaming down my face, I watched as a village full of people who earn on average $1 per day brought a literal mountain of food to the front and placed it at our feet. When they were done, it was announced that not only was the fruit for us, but they were going to pack up the money offering to give to us as well – to use to purchase water or whatever we needed for the week. I came undone.

I thought I might be sick. Quite literally. As I fought back the sobs, I pleaded with Jesus to help me understand how . . . why . . . I don’t understand. We have so much. We have too much. And yet here, in the middle of rural Uganda, a group of {primarily} women gave us everything they had, without question, without regret, and with joyful hearts. That’s what blessed to bless looks like. THAT’s hope, from women who had no hope.

Oh how much we have to learn from our brothers and sisters in Uganda.

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