Exciting news!! We have a $2500 match through June 5 for any donations to our Enabling Independence Program!!

The Enabling Independence Program is one of our favorite programs.

Vulnerable women with a desire to work and support their families are given an opportunity to receive business training and form a cooperative group within their local community with other ladies. The ladies encourage one another and form strong bonds with each other. Each lady, with guidance from Ajuuja staff, determines a business based on what they would like to do coupled with their skills.

We have seen amazing and wonderful things happening with these programs.

We have watched these women celebrate with each other and take care of each other.

We have seen their lives completely transformed as hope takes root.

We have seen women with dull eyes that wouldn’t look at you become women filled with life and hope with big smiles.

We have heard them tell how their lives are changed and how they can now send their children to school.

We have seen them with such pride show their bank books with their savings account that was previously not even a dream for them.

EIP boricha

We are excited to announce that we have 2 new groups that are trained and ready to go!

All we need is funding!  $250, one time, per woman is all it takes!

They start in groups so we need to have a group fully funded before anyone can start.  You can give any amount… and it’s great opportunity for a group of women to come together and give a business boost to woman in Awassa, Ethiopia!

You can see more about the program in this video:

Let me introduce you to the women who are ready for their lives to be changed!

The Aleta Chuko group
Meet Abebu.   She is 29 years old and a widow.  She has two girls and plans to sell fruit.

Abiyot is a 31 year old widow who is raising a son and daughter.  She plans to sell fruit.

Meet Amarech. She is a 30 years old widow. She has two daughters and one son and wants to sell firewood.

Meet Aleminesh.  She is a 35 year old widow with health issues.  She has two sons and one daughter.  She wants to sell eggs.
Meet Mintiwab.  She is a 30 year old widow and raising one daughter and plans to sell coffee and tea.

Yichal has one daughter and one son and is a 32 year old widow.  She would like to sell her handiwork.

Determined women ready to work hard and change their lives.

Meet the women in Tulla!
Meet Aster. She is 23 years old and a widow. She is raising two sons and plans to sell avocado.
Della ._.1
Meet Della. She is 35 and raising four boys and one girl.  She is a widow and plans to sell avocados.


Meet Mishore.  She is a 27 year old widow raising five sons and one daughter.  She wants to sell corn flour.

Meet Meseret. She is a 27 years old widow with three daughters. She wants to sell bread.

Meet Tseganesh. She is 35 yrs old and raising two sons and three daughters. She is a widow and they are still formulating a business plan for her.

Meet Urane. She is 30 years old and is raising five girls and two boys. She is a widow as well and wants to sell coffee.

Women ready to work toward their goals!
Remember, it’s only a $250 per woman one time gift.   You can give any amount towards and every bit adds up!

Donate at the link below to get hope started for these ladies!

Thank you for partnering with us!  Email charisa@projecthopeful.org with any questions!