Today is a great day to become a HOPE Dealer and join the work happening with the HOPE+Sisterhood in Ethiopia. #GivingTuesday has become the day Americans take stock of all they have been given and choose to share. We feel the mantle of responsibility firmly resting on our shoulders as we honestly look in the faces of vulnerable people around the world.

HOPE+Sisterhood began with an adoptive Momma daring to dream about ways she could offer more to the orphan problem than just adoption.

“What if HIV+ Mommas could get healthy and not leave their children orphans? What if these ladies could be supported into entrepreneurship so they could not just survive, but thrive? What if American Mommas and Poppas who want to help but just don’t know how, found a way to hold their hand out in support to one Momma at a time? Is there a way to stop the orphan problem at its source?”

There were women who were hopeless and on the verge of leaving their precious children orphans, but because of the Sisterhood,

  • they are Mothers
  • they are healthy
  • they own businesses
  • they have savings accounts
  • their children are eating well and going to school
  • they have HOPE!


This #GivingTuesday is a great day to link arms with a Sister in Ethiopia who needs a hand up. 

Join the movement and become a HOPE DEALER today!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Reply to this blog post with any questions you have as you consider joining us.
  2. Follow this link to send your donation. Use the first drop down menu to choose your donation amount and frequency. (For example, if you plan to be the sole sponsor but want to donate the $600 in six monthly contributions, choose the $100 per month sole sponsorship option.) Then also use the buttons to choose an amount and frequency of your donation. And finally, enter your contact information and credit or debit card payment information.
  3. Email -tell her you want to be matched with a Sister in the next group and what payment option you chose.
  4. In the next month or so, you will receive an email introduction to your new Sister with her picture and a brief history and you will be added to our Sisterhood facebook group.
  5. In the next month or so in Ethiopia, your Sister will learn about you and begin the education phase of the program. She will learn life-giving skills about nutrition, physical and mental health, budgeting, and business planning and management. She will begin to feel HOPE.
  6. After the training is completed she will receive capitol funds to begin the business that she and her trainers researched and planned. She will be given careful oversight and encouragement by our Ethiopian staff to help her get off to a strong start.
  7. In the spring, Nancy and Debbie will travel to Ethiopia for the first check up trip, bearing gifts from you and the other American Sisters. Your Sister will be visited and her progress assessed. While they are gone, you will be watching the facebook group like a hawk, excited to see update pictures and hear of your Sister’s progress.
  8. Your Sister’s progress will be officially followed during twice yearly trips for the next two years. She will be supported and encouraged and left with a thriving business that will have changed everything.
  9. You will have a face and name of someone on the other side of the world indelibly marked on your soul who you call Sister. You will have become a HOPE Dealer!


Helpful links for learning more: