photoProject HOPEFUL is passionate about the adoption of children who have been overlooked in the United States and overseas.

It is our desire to see children live in families – particularly their biological families. Where that is not possible, we are fierce advocates for adoption. If it is impossible for a child to be safe in his or her biological family, we support foster care by qualified trained families until the biological family can be safe or a good adoptive family can be identified.

The majority of our staff members have adopted one or more children. We are available to answer general questions you may have and share anecdotes from our adoption journeys. We can likely connect you with other families that have gone through the research and decision process you are in right now – or the post-adoption struggles you are facing. For more on “it’s never as easy as it looks from the outside…”, we recommend you read this post before you decide to adopt.

Project HOPEFUL is not an adoption agency. We do not match children with prospective adoptive families; that’s not our role. We are excited to encourage you and direct you to appropriate resources if the time is right for you to take the next steps toward adoption, and we hope that you will contact us at

Questions for Adoption Agency/Facilitators: A resource created for adoptive parents to use during the research phase. This resource is designed to help parents select an adoption facilitator/agency that will meet their needs: Questions for Agencies

Grant Organizations: A list of organizations providing financial assistance for adoptive families: Grant Organizations

US Government Information on International Adoption: U.S. guidelines on inter-country adoption and up-to-date country information: U.S. Dept of State Intercountry Adoption

Adoption How-To Guide: A great guide explaining the adoption process and key steps: How to Adopt Guide