A Tale of Two Meskerems (Hope+Sisterhood Ethiopia)

It’s not surprising that our next Sister’s story is about another woman named Meskerem. It is a common name given to baby girls because it is the Amharic name for the month of September when Ethiopian New Year is celebrated. How fitting that two of our Sisters share a name that celebrates new beginnings

When […]

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One Woman’s Story, Every Woman’s Story – (Hope+ Sisterhood Ethiopia)

Meskerem’s life came to a pivotal point six months ago. Her face told the story before her words did. Desperation and fear had been her companions since childhood. Now as a young mother,  she could only see the same future for her daughter. Her desperation drove her to take a chance on a program she […]

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Hope Dealers (Hope+ Sisterhood Ethiopia)

We walked to a Sister’s house. We hugged her and took the grand tour of her brand new business. We fawned over pictures of the children, perused school report cards in a language foreign to our own and cheered over savings account totals. We smiled into the faces flushed with hope and confidence and […]

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Sisterhood Suitcase Sponsors Needed!

Nancy and Debbie are preparing to set foot in Ethiopia this month and they need our help. They need suitcase fee sponsors to help them carry blessings to Ethiopia with them.

They will carry sneakers, clothes, vitamins, toothbrushes, backpacks, school supplies and all kinds of other supplies that they will use to benefit the Sisters. […]

Help us give clean water!

Help us give the gift of clean water!

Imagine being a trained medical professional doing all that you can to help patients get healthy and stay healthy only to e thwarted by something that we here take for granted.

Clean Water.

During the October visit to Awassa we ventured out to a remote village called Burra to […]

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Clean Water, The Wait is OVER!!

written by Greg, Project HOPEFUL Awassa Director

Water. The year was 1965.

I had just turned two years old. Charisa wouldn’t be born for another 8 years.

After relentless work by Dr. Martin Luther King and others in the Civil Rights movement President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law which ensured that African Americans could […]

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