Thank you for being HOPE in 2015!

The friends and supporters of Project HOPEFUL did a fantastic job of giving hope in the year 2015!

A big thank you to all of you!!!

None of this would be possible without you, our partner staffs in country, our faithful volunteers at Project HOPEFUL and God–the one we do it all for!
A quick look back at […]

Sheep and Suitcases to Ring in 2016

This is the week that we all trade our dreams of sugar plums for dreams of new and improved selves. Resolutions are slowly forming out of the fog of our wishes and hopes. We determine that our 2016 self will be healthier, kinder and more generous. We hope that with the resolution will come […]

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Beans, coffee & stethoscopes

News from our Guatemala Assistant Directors:

Months before we even got the confirmation from our team leader with specific dates to come down to Guatemala, Sandy and I had felt a nudge to work with the coffee cutters in the Antigua area. A group of workers known to be amongst the poorest and in most […]

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Holidays and Adoptive Families

The holidays.  To some they are a time of celebration, family and fun.  To others they are a time of sadness and a reminder of what has been lost.  Even in the best circumstances, emotions can run high and personalities clash.

Adoptive families have an added challenge to this.  We are parenting children and teens […]

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Clothes, Shoes & Smiles with Hope+Sisterhood Ethiopia

“How has the Hope+Sisterhood impacted  your life?” Nancy and Debbie asked that question to each of the women who were interviewed while we were in Ethiopia. I expected to hear most women talk of the financial side of the program.  It seemed like the obvious answer.  These women had been struggling to be able to […]

Vision and Need at Ajuuja Orphanage

Greg continues to share about the Nov trip with Project HOPEFUL Awassa

Ajuuja is the word that was stuck in our hearts 3 and a half years ago and is now forever part of who we are.

In the Sidama language it means vision and is it’s the name of the place we have come to […]

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