Privileged to Serve

Greg continues to share about the trip.

We set out for Aleta Chuko Wednesday morning loaded down with bags full of donated shoes and letters from FIG families to their sponsored child.  I was able to meet with each family (more pictures and details to come to each of their FIG family sponsor soon!)

We then […]

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Ethiopia Hope+ Sisterhood – New Sister Interviews

The group of hopeful women gathered outside the little office nervously watching each other and then slowly beginning conversations. The Project Hopeful staff was inside the office preparing for their interviews and gathering supplies.  One by one, the women would be able to enter and have ten minutes to tell their story, the story […]

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Women at the Top of a Mountain

Our next day visiting women was an absolute blast.  We visited three women who embody everything that the Sisterhood is about.  Two of the three are illiterate, two had been victims of human trafficking, all were given HIV by men who mistreated and abandoned them and all of them entered the program with the […]

Project HOPEFUL, talks, and goats!

Greg (Awassa Director)  writes about one of the days of the October trip— More to come soon!

As we arrived in Hawasssa Zuria many of the area’s FIG sponsored awaited us and greeted us with warm smiles, hugs and great excitement!  We exchanged hugs, handshakes and greetings and talked  for a few minutes while the […]

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HOPE+ Sisterhood Stories!

Each morning after breakfast, we set off with our trusted driver, Danny, to the neighborhood of the sisters who are expecting us.  We visited four sisters today who all live near to each other and seem to have developed a special bond since being in the program together.  Four sisters stories might take a […]

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November HOPE + Sisterhood Ethiopia Trip Guest Report: Day Two

Day one and two on the ground with Project Hopeful has been a whirlwind!  Nancy and Debbie are the fearless leaders of the Hope+Sisterhood program. They collect donations year-round, storing things in basements and closets until they are emptied out every six months for a trip to Ethiopia.

They also are the link between the […]

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