Be HOPE this Christmas!

Consider giving to Project HOPEFUL this Christmas
Your faithful contributions are helping us make a difference in the lives of overlooked children and vulnerable mothers around the world.  Your donations to Project HOPEFUL help us continue to bring HOPE to our friends in vulnerable places.  Please consider supporting Project HOPEFUL with your tax deductible donation during this season of […]

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Waiting Child Wednesday

Our Waiting Child Wednesday features two special boys from Africa.  Please contact  or with any questions on these boys.

Aiden is a strong child who loves to play with his toys and loves to interact with others. He helps play with the toddlers in the orphanage. H…e is quite the explorer as he spends […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

The darling printable above is free at A Bird and A Bean
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Here at Project Hopeful we want to say we are Thankful for YOU.  Thank you for all the support and love.  We hope your enjoying time with your friends and family this year.  We are giving thanks as a staff […]

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Waiting Child Wednesday

Today we are featuring three children on this waiting child Wednesday.  As we sit around tomorrow being thankful for families please keep these three in mind.  If you or someone you know is interested please contact us to learn more.  In addition to finding families we would like to contribute to funding their adoptions, […]

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Holiday Guidelines

Hi friends.  The holidays are coming and it is the most magical time of the year right?  Maybe not for some…as a parent with children that have come via adoption I know that holidays tend to stress me out even more then everyday life.  My family is often traveling, we are in new places, routines get […]

Shopping with Purpose

The following post is from Charisa Knight our FIG Awassa Director.  Thank you for considering Project HOPEFUL Awassa during your gift giving!
This Christmas, give a gift that lasts past the newest fad or batteries. Give a gift that impacts lives of children and families in Awassa, Ethiopia!
Below are Project HOPEFUL Awassa’s Christmas gift options.
Click […]