Bringing Hope to Awassa

On May 2 a team of 8 headed out to Awassa, Ethiopia. It was the first “mission” trip for three of the members and everyone was excited to go and “bring hope” to the children and families of Awassa, Ethiopia.

There are many stories to share and this blog post can’t contain them all […]

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Will You STAND with Us?

Charisa Knight, one of our Directors of the Project Hopeful – Awassa program, recently returned from Ethiopia after leading a team to the Awassa region.  While they were there, Charisa became aware of some significant needs in the at risk community we serve.  Charisa writes:

My heart has been a jumble of emotions since I […]

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Attachment with Children who were Adopted

I remember rocking . . . rocking . . . rocking . . . in the denim blue glider that was nestled into the corner of my bedroom, gazing at a sleeping newborn perched on top of a yellow, velour covered Boppy® pillow.  We rocked with each other in loving peacefulness; the only sounds […]

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Blessed by JOY

Recently, something pretty amazing happened.  Something that surpassed any expectation I ever had for any of our HOPE+ sisters.  Meet Gertrude.

I met Gertrude the first time in March 2012.  She was an HIV+ widow whose life was hard….very hard.  She often didn’t have enough to feed herself and her son and she struggled to […]

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We at Project HOPEFUL support fundraising for adoptions because we understand that many families do not have sufficient funds to adopt without help.  We believe that the God of the universe will help people who are taking a leap of faith to give a child – or children – a family.

To that end, Project […]

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Please, Take My Baby

Dawn Patterson, our Director of the Hope + Sisterhood — Uganda, continues to write about her trip to Uganda:

As we visited one sister in her hair salon, a young mother sat with her baby while having her hair braided by another young girl.  Her daughter was beautiful and of course, we couldn’t help but smile […]

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