We are excited to announce that Maryheather Coelho has joined our Project HOPEFUL team as our Canada Associate.  Allow us to introduce her to you:

PH: Maryheather, your life has been touched by adoption. Can you share a little about your own adoption journey?

MHC: As a child the whole idea of children not having parent(s) or a family didn’t make sense to me, I thought everyone had a family.  Then when I found out that was not always the case my heart hurt, as I grew up the desire to help became even greater.  After we got married my husband and I dealt with infertility issues, but the desire to become parents grew.  I didn’t understand why God would have our desire to become parents grow so strong when we couldn’t give birth.  Well, His plan is always better than our plans.  I brought up the topic of adoption to my husband, Manny, and much to my delight he was for it!!!  We prayed about it and it seemed as though everywhere we went the topic of adoption came up.  I think we were trying to be told something.  The decision was made and the announcement to our families was made – we were met with support, tears of joy, everything a couple could possibly want from their families.  We made the phone calls to agencies and within a few days the process began.  It was an interesting journey, home study, interviews, classes, more visits with an adoption worker…. and then the phone call!!!!!  We had a match. Our two beautiful, wonderful boys arrived to us within 9 months.  It was a pregnancy in our hearts.

PH:  What drew you to Project HOPEFUL?
MHC: After reading the […]