2000 or Bust!

We are halfway through our 60 days in the running for a $50,000 grant from Cultivate Wines. We are so thankful for all of you who have been faithfully voting every day and keeping us in the lead!

Tomorrow, May 31st we are asking everyone to vote even if you haven’t voted any other day! Our goal is 2000 votes on that day. Lofty? You bet. But waiting children deserve no less! Will you please vote that day if none other (and we hope everyday) and spread the word on your FB page and by email of our vote on May 31? WE TRULY APPRECIATE IT.

Vote for Project HOPEFUL on Cultivate Wines Causes

We are so excited to announce that Project HOPEFUL has been chosen as one of Cultivate Wines’ newest causes!
Cultivate is giving away $100,000 per quarter to non-profits via a democratic voting system. The winner will receive $50,000, and the five runners-up will each receive $10,000. To vote, you can either register or login through facebook. Once you’re logged in, you will have 1 vote per day. So be sure to come back and vote for Project HOPEFUL again each day! Use this link to vote: VOTE NOW

We’re sure you can imagine what this much money could mean to Project HOPEFUL’s ability to fulfill our mission toEducate, Encourage, and Enable families and individuals to advocate for and adopt children with HIV/AIDS and other of the MOST OVERLOOKED children for adoption!

Please consider printing off our Get out the Vote reminder card and placing it in a place you will remember every single day from May 1 through June 30.  Every vote is going to be absolutely crucial! Also, every time you vote, would you please tell all of your contacts and ask them to vote, too? The power to multiply votes with these very simple actions is enormous!

Here are the rules:
1.  You must be 21 years old to vote.  If you aren’t, ask your friends/family who ARE.
2.  NO gifts; contests; give aways.
3.  You must sign in using a FB account to vote.  If you don’t have one, would you consider registering for one just for the next 60 days?  You can take it down thereafter….
4.  Absolutely no use of voting companies who do all the work for you.

Thank you so much for your help and support!

All for ONE!

The Project HOPEFUL staff
ProjectHOPEFUL Vote Reminder card

Orphan Advocacy takes Project HOPEFUL to the White House

We have so much to share with you about our recent trip to Australia to take part in Together for Adoption Australia 2011, and that post will be coming very soon.

But first we want to share with you one very exciting thing that happened while Carolyn was in Australia: she received an invitation to participate in The White House National Adoption Event, Nov 28. And not only to attend, but to PARTICIPATE and present on “the unique challenges facing orphans with HIV/AIDS, and her experience as an adoptive mother” on their International Adoption panel.

It is such an honor  to have this opportunity to advocate for children on a national level. Please be in prayer for Carolyn this Monday and for her preparation and travel this weekend for this very important event.

Together for Adoption Australia 2011

Project HOPEFUL is two short weeks from bringing a message of life and hope for orphans to the continent of Australia. Dan Cruver has written an excellent article about why we are partnering for this important event at the Together for Adoption Blog.

This is a crucial message that Australia needs to hear. Please join us in prayer that the Truth Pandemic would have a monumental impact on the people of Australia.  Please also pray that all of the funds that we need in order to send our volunteer staff members would be donated in time for us to leave.  If He has led you to give to this important event, please go to , choose the General Fund and put NOVEMBER in the comments box.  Thank you for your prayers and support!

Australia 2011 from Tamara Loveing on Vimeo.

Together for Adoption 2011 National Conference

The Project HOPEFUL staff is attending the Together for Adoption 2011 National Conference on October 21-22.  We will also be hosting a Breakout Session. There is still time to get the Early Bird Registration rate if you register by the end of August.  Hurry and register today!

HIV Quiz Giveaway

Congratulations to Elizabeth, the winner of an exclusive ‘Send Me’ tee in the HIV Quiz from our post on Friday! Your name was drawn from the list of entries giving the correct answers to the questions.

Here again is the quiz, along with the correct answers:

1.) What are the three main ways HIV is transmitted?

Through unprotected sexual contact, through injection drug use or the sharing of needles, or through mother to child transmission during birth or breastfeeding.

2.) What does HIV stand for?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

3.) What does AIDS stand for?

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

4.) Are children with HIV/AIDS who are receiving proper medical care expected to die early?

No. Individuals with HIV/AIDS who are receiving proper medical care are expected to live a normal lifespan.

5.) Has HIV ever been transmitted among family members under normal living circumstances?

No.  It has NEVER been transmitted among family members under normal living circumstances.


Our thanks to everyone who participated!

We need you!

Today we’d like to ask a very special favor of you all.  As you know, today is the big day; the voting day for Project HOPEFUL in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program!  We need your help in spreading the word one last time and it’s a very simple thing to do.

Today from 6 a.m. to midnight EST, we would like every friend of Project HOPEFUL to donate their Facebook status.  Simply tell your friends that you are voting for Project HOPEFUL and that you are asking them to do the same and then keep that as your status for the whole day.  Be sure to give them this link so that they know where they need to go.  Remind them that a few simple clicks can make a huge impact on the lives of hundreds of children living with HIV.

This one last challenge has an extra special incentive. We are giving away 11 t-shirts for June 11th!  When you post your voting day status, come back here to this post and tell us in the comments that you did.  We will then enter you in the contest for one of eleven Send Me tees, which we will be giving away Sunday afternoon, June 12th.

Thank you again for your partnership with Project HOPEFUL! You are making a difference!

Do you know the truth?

The day we learned the Kaiser Family Foundation had conducted a study determining that levels of knowledge about HIV/AIDS had not increased in the United States among the general population since 1987 we knew something HAD to change.  Project HOPEFUL is working hard to do our part to change that statistic through our educational initiative called the Truth Pandemic.

Project HOPEFUL’s goal is to spread the truth about HIV/AIDS and orphans with the virus in pandemic proportions so that no orphaned child will suffer due to lack of knowledge. Because waiting orphans need families NOW, we’re driven to do whatever we can to make a difference. But, we need your help!

Please, take a moment to watch our video and learn the facts about HIV/AIDS:

Today’s Project HOPEFUL giveaway will test your knowledge of the facts and help you spread the TRUTH to the people around you.  Simply copy/paste the questions below, add your answers, and email them to Every contestant who answers all the questions correctly will be entered into our drawing to win an exclusive Project HOPEFUL “Send Me” tee shirt. (Hint: all the answers can be found by watching the Truth Pandemic video above or reading through our Your Questions Answered booklet)

These “Send Me” tees will be sold to help Project HOPEFUL raise enough funds to take our educational workshops to every state and help us spread truth further!

By taking these simple steps you can be an advocate for change and help eliminate social stigma. Who knows? Maybe the person you share the facts with today will become a parent to a waiting orphan with HIV/AIDS tomorrow?
Giveaway Questions:
1.) What are the three main ways HIV is transmitted?

2.) What does HIV stand for?

3.) What […]

Send Me T-Shirt Giveaway: Challenge #3

Since the founding of Project HOPEFUL, we have known many children with HIV and AIDS.  Some of them have died before a family has found them.  However, we have never known a child, no matter how ill, to die in their birth country once they know that a family is coming.  The HOPE that they have is such a powerful force in their hearts that they will beat incredible odds waiting for their family to come for them. Project HOPEFUL has had the wonderful privilege of seeing 20 children matched with families just since this past April!

Project HOPEFUL’s Waiting Kids page currently includes almost 200 children who need the HOPE of knowing that a family is coming for them.  If we could reach just four families in each state with our message of HOPE and TRUTH  imagine the impact on this list alone!

Today, we’d like to challenge you to pick just one of those waiting children and advocate for them using your blog, Facebook and Twitter.  Scroll through the Waiting Kids pages and find a story that you want to share.  When you click on the child/ren’s name, choose the option along the top of the page for sharing it.  Then come back here and tell us who you advocated for.  We will choose an entry (via at 11am Central Time Friday morning (June 10th).

You can be a part of bringing HOPE to a child with this simple act of love!

Vote for Project HOPEFUL on June11th in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program and help us educate more families and individuals so they can advocate for and adopt these wonderful waiting children.

We have our first winner in the Send Me T-shirt Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who shared the video for Challenge #2!  The winner for that challenge is Amber!  Congratulations, Amber! We will be contacting you today to get your shipping information so we can get your t-shirt right out to you.

Do you want one of our exclusive ‘Send Me’ t-shirts?  Be sure to enter our first challenge! We’re almost ready to give that one away, too.

Challenge # 2 in the ‘Send Me’ T-shirt Giveaway

We are over halfway to the goal for Challenge #1 of getting 500 confirmed guests to the Vote for Project HOPEFUL June 11th in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program Event Page!  Keep sharing that link and entering the giveaway HERE !

Today, we are introducing our second challenge for another ‘Send Me’ t-shirt.  Today’s challenge is to post the Project HOPEFUL Toyota 100 Cars for Good video on your blog or Facebook and then come back and tell us in the comments how many people  have ‘liked’ and/or commented on your post as of 8am EST Monday, June 6th.  Each post that you make a comment about will count as one entry.  The link to the video is:

Project HOPEFUL Fact of the Day: Today we get a report from the FIG Program Director and Ukraine contact, Traci Heim ~

Three of our FIG children have identified families. One family is currently in Eastern Europe for the first trip. Traci Heim, the director of the FIG program is currently in Ukraine seeking to create relatiopnships with orphanages in order to better identify and advocate for the waiting children. Mercy Projects/Eastern European Outreach has hosted their stay in Kiev and took her to visit a church-run orphanage outside of Kiev. It doesn’t house HIV+ orphans, but she met a sibling group of 4, ages 16-4 who desperately need a family. The oldest girl will be allowed to remain at the orphanage until she is 18 and can be adopted up until that time. We need to identify their family!  Traci has pictures and video of the children and can be contacted at

  • Our exclusive 'Send Me' t-shirt
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    10 Days until the Toyota 100 Cars For Good Voting Day for Project HOPEFUL…And a GIVEAWAY!

10 Days until the Toyota 100 Cars For Good Voting Day for Project HOPEFUL…And a GIVEAWAY!

As most of you already know, Project HOPEFUL  has a chance to win a new Toyota to help us bring our educational workshops to EVERY state. These inspiring workshops enable people to advocate for and adopt orphans with HIV/AIDS.

We have just 10 more days to get the word out about this event and we have a great way for YOU to help!

Announcing the Project HOPEFUL EXCLUSIVE “Send Me” T-shirt Giveaway.  We will be issuing challenges over the next 10 days for your chance to win one of these amazing shirts.

We are also going to be offering a Daily Fun Fact so that you can learn more about Project HOPEFUL…they might even be clues for a future challenge! (hint, hint!)

Your first challenge is this:

Spread the word to everyone you know about our Vote for Project HOPEFUL June 11th in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program Event  page on Facebook.

You can receive entries in a couple of ways:

You can post a link to the event page on  Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.  For every mention of our Facebook Event page on one of those venues, you can receive one entry for our Send Me t-shirt giveaway.  All you need to do is link us to your post in your comments below.
You can leave a comment below telling us how many people have RSVP’d to the event due to you sharing the event with them. (this gives you one additional entry)

Then when the Facebook Event page has reached 500 attendees, we will choose one of the entries at random to win the t-shirt!

Most of all, don’t forget to go to: Toyota’s Facebook Page and ‘like’ Toyota USA.  Then go to the 100 Cars for Good June […]