Timeout Tuesday

This is 12 year old Mirat.  He is in need of a family.  Could it be you?

This is what has most recently been said about him:

“Marat is very special. He is a very talented boy not just skilled, I really mean talented! He is creative and talented in drawing. He has mastered a lot of computer programs by himself. His favorite subject at school is Math and he is very fond of foreign languages. He reads a lot. He is a person of his own mind. He is not a simple child, but at the same time he is very communicative with adults. He is very advanced and he will be easy going with those whom he respects. It is very interesting to discuss with him any subject, he has his own point of view and a very wide view.”

Please consider Mirat.  He is so special to so many people.

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Time-out Tuesday

Our FIG families commit to advocating for the waiting children on our list.  We hope to raise awareness and interest in the children through blog posts, facebook messages, and talking, talking, talking.  We raise funds and most importantly, prayers to Jesus for the redemption of these precious little ones.

Danil is one such little boy on our list.  He doesn’t have a FIG family yet, but there are people doing their best to find a family for him.  I have met personally a woman in Ukraine who LOVES this boy and is desperate to find him a family.  She has hosted him in her home and dreams of finding a family for him. 

Go here to meet Danil.

If you want to be a FIG for him, or better yet you want to be his family, please contact me for more information. .

Time out Tuesday


I am writing this “time out Tuesday” on Wednesday.  Between snow storms and schooling, blog posts tend to get bumped a bit. 

When I consider the amount of snow that has blanketed the mid-west overnight, I compare it to the amount of children who are waiting.  In addition to snow, yesterday 6 new children were sent to Project HOPEFUL hoping for assistance in finding them a family.  Three brief emails equaled 6 more precious little ones buried under the hopelessness of their position.  The position of being HIV+ in an eastern European country that is ill-equipped to care for them.  One little girl has down’s syndrome.  Her HIV+ status is not yet confirmed, but she was born to an HIV+ mother.  It will be a few more months before we will know for sure if she is positive.  I received a video of another little boy living in a very impoverished area.  He does not have HIV however the fact that he has some diagnosis is certain.  These children would thrive with the proper intervention.  Even the mildest of infirmaties blossom into permanent disabilities when left unaddressed in an institution. 

Look for these new children to appear very soon on our waiting child list.  They wait for a family and a FIG member to commit to advocate for them while their family is being found.  Please visit our waiting child list and commit to stand in the gap for one of them.  Contact me at to become a FIG member for someone today.

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Time out Tuesday

Hello all!

I trust you all have been blessed by folowing Davids’ story.  I know I have been.  I hope it has helped you to understand how very important it is for every child to have a family.  Tears streamed down my face when I saw the picture of Davids, his arms raised in victorious praise.   With your help, we can make this happen for countless orphans who dream this very dream.

Today I want to tell you about some teens in Texas who sincerely want to see this happen.  Shortly before Christmas I received an email from a girl named Abby Jo.  In her email she told me how excited she was about the FIG program.  She was eager to be involved, only as a teen, she had no real way to meet the financial commitment.  She asked if there was anything she could do, would it be okay if she prayed for the children?  Not only that, but she had many friends who wanted to pray and advocate too.  She organized her team and each of them chose some children to pray for.  Since then, I have received a steady stream of emails from girls introducing themselves and informing me which child she was praying for.

Through this contact, the Junior FIG program was born.  If you or a teen you know would be interested in becoming a part of the Junior FIG program, please contact me at and I will send you the program outline along with a parental consent form to be signed and returned to me.

As seen through Davids’ story, prayer changes things.

Psalm 66:19-20  But certainly God has heard; He has given heed to the voice of my prayer.  Blessed be God who has not […]

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Introducing “Time-out Tuesday”

. . . where we take time out to remember the children still waiting.   In every country around the globe, millions of children merely exist with no one to call their own.  No morning wake-up song, no kisses for scraped knees, no reassurance that they are loved.  No hope.

In my last post I featured Peyton, one of the children waiting.  Instead of featuring just one child this week, I wish to bring them all to your attention.  Currently on the Project HOPEFUL waiting child list there are 118 children including 4 sibling groups.  They are from all parts of the world: Asia, Russia, Ghana, Eastern Europe, Latin America, as well as 2 other countries in Africa. 

All are HIV+.    All need a home.   All need hope.

The FIG program exists to change this reality.  We propose to raise up an army of warriors praying, advocating, raising funds, bridging the gap between hopelessness and fulfillment.  Today I ask you to consider how you might fill the gap for them. 

Please pray for them.  Make a donation into someone’s fund.  Consider becoming a FIG member for one of them.  Consider being a FAMILY for one of them. 

If you have any questions at all, contact me, Traci, at .

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FIG: Meet Peyton!

Hi, I am Traci Heim, Director of the FIG program.  I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the program to you, stress its importance and introduce the children who will benefit from it.

FIG has two sponsorship opportunities.  The Orphan to Home program matches a waiting child with a FIG member.  This sponsor will pray regularly, advocate ardently, offer monthly financial support and hold fundraisers.  These subsequent funds will be held in account to be given as a grant to offset adoption expenses.

The other option is foster care sponsorship.  We have partnered with Mercy Projects International (formally Eastern European Outreach) for foster care sponsorships in Eastern Europe.  They changed their name to indicate their expansion into Armenia, Kosovo, India, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, and even here in the U.S.  We look forward to supporting more foster families in these other countries as the program expands.

Every week or two, I will take the opportunity to feature a child or sibling group from our waiting child list who still needs a FIG sponsor.

This is Peyton (not real name).  He is 4 years old.  He has beautiful brown eyes and dimples.  It is important that a family is found for him soon because at five years of age he will be transferred to another institution.  It is vital to adopt children out of this particular Eastern European country prior to the age of five because their risk of being placed into an institution that they cannot be released from is great.  Currently Peyton resides in an attentive orphanage with an adoption friendly court system.

If you would like to be a FIG family for Peyton, please contact me at .  I will get you started right away.

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