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Merry Christmas from Project HOPEFUL

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Urgent call for help for the Buoniconti Family


Last night the husband of our Project HOPEFUL military liaison, Kryste Buoniconti, was tragically killed in a military helicopter accident. They just completed the domestic adoption of their HIV+ son and have $11,000 in unpaid adoption expenses.

Please help us remove this burden from the family during this incredibly stressful time, and above all keep the family in your prayers. The shock of this news is still difficult to comprehend.

Thank you all,
Tax-deductible donations can be made HERE

UPDATE: All of us at Project HOPEFUL would like to express our deep gratitude for each and every one of you! All of the funds needed to pay off the adoption debt and MORE have been raised for this dear family.
Carolyn says: “I spoke with Kryste …She asked that I convey that there were 3 other soldiers that lost their lives, 2 of them were fathers too….She is thankful for the outpour….PLEASE keep them covered in prayer….and cover the other families as well…On behalf of all of us at Project HOPEFUL, THANK YOU for loving this family in prayers and action…”

11 Tees on the 11th giveaway WINNERS….

Thanks to everyone for helping spread the word about Project HOPEFUL. It was a tight race. YOU made all the difference.
Here is the list of our winners. You’ll be contacted via email about your prize. Congratulations!


14 – Annie
8 – Carrie
9 – Amiee  Ogden
6 – Kristin Thomson
22 – Joe
16 – Delisa Wegner
4 – Jody Britton
7 – Nicole Bittermann 
2 – Love
13 – Charles Brown
19 – Matthew Neff


Parenting Without A Parachute

Project HOPEFUL was featured on the Parenting Without a Parachute blog. You can read the article HERE.

CAFO Summit VII Highlights – Day 1

Project HOPEFUL is enjoying our time here at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit in Louisville, Kentucky. The Team has enjoyed the camaraderie which comes from being amongst like-minded advocates who share the same burden to see orphans receive the care they need.
The conference was kicked off with a time of worship Wednesday night with a wonderful concert from Meredith Andrews and the Desperation Band. Today we were treated to many informative general and breakout sessions by thoughtful presenters representing a wide range of topics, such as; McLane Layton of Equality for Adopted Children, Karyn Purvis of TCU Institute of Child Development, Brian Fikkert of Covenant College and Chalmers Center, Julie Gumm, author of Adopt Without Debt… just to name a VERY few.
The conference has already blessed the Project HOPEFUL team. We suspect that the information learned here will continue to inform and challenge us to as we take what we’ve learned home to digest further through prayer and meditation. There is not much that compares to gathering with like-minded organizations to compare notes on best practices and what is truly working in the world of orphan care.
On an exciting personal note, Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine of Family Life Today interviewed Executive Director, Carolyn Twietmeyer in front of the live general session audience this morning. Project HOPEFUL couldn’t be more grateful for the chance to be featured on such a prominent national radio show! Stay tuned for further details about what date the show will air.

An Interview with Funky Fish Designs

Dawn Patterson of Funky Fish Designs has been a huge supporter and friend to Project HOPEFUL. Many people flip for the beautiful jewelry she creates for us. Today we’d like to introduce her and Funky Fish Designs to our readers.

PH:You’re quite a prolific artist. You’ve created so many unique and beautiful pieces for Project HOPEFUL. How to you stay inspired and keep your creativity churning?

DP: I honestly have to give the creativity aspect to God. I whole heartedly believe He has given me this talent so I must give credit where credit is due. One thing I don’t do is force creativity. When I force it, I end up with a mess of beads. Often, I’ll see a design in my head and I will just roll with it. I also have some of my best conversations with God when I’m creating. I find that when I mass produce something, I lose some of the inspiration, so I try to keep changing out the designs to keep the creativity fresh and alive in my head.

PH: I love how you’ve turned your jewelry making abilities into a ministry that serves others. When did it first occur to you that thinking outside of the box with your work could lead to orphan advocacy?

DP: May 2009. That is when the wheels started to churn. I’ve been making jewelry a very long time and started my own business in 2003 but it wasn’t until 2009 that I really felt what direction God was calling me. Our church was on a mission trip to a small community in Zeway to care for orphans. I posted this on my Funky Fish facebook page:
Where I feel God leading me….
Posted on May […]

Friends Who Care

I asked Director of Because Every Mother Matters, Steffany Boster, a few questions about  her organization and why she decided to team up with Project HOPEFUL. Steffany dished all the details of Because Every Mother Matters’ successful campaign to raise $5000 for Project HOPEFUL’s HOPE+ Sisterhood for our blog readers. Enjoy!

PH: Tell us about your organization Because Every Mother Matters.
BEMM: Every time I meet someone and they ask “the question”….you know the one: “What do you do”? I seem to struggle with an answer. Do I say, “I’m a stay at home mom”? or “I’m the chief administrator of a small organization (my family)” or “ I have a very important job that involves very special people and supporting their growth (my children)”.

The truth is, I guess you can parallel what BEMM does and what a mom does. I find a need and seek  to meet it to the best of my ability. As a full time mom to 6 children, I still lack the response to questions about what exactly it is I do. The same is true as I try to explain my role as a full time head of an organization.

The thing is, whether I’m answering a question about what I personally do or what Because Every Mother Matters does I have the same response. “Whatever needs to be done.”.

PH: How did BEMM get it’s start?
BEMM: After my daughter died of malaria in Liberia, I finally understood. You see, for me, the decision to adopt was personal and I only focused on the children I thought God called me to. Little did I know, God called me to two children because they were all I could focus on at that time.

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