Medical updates

New Prevention Research on Breakthrough Microbicide

An interesting article on a new vaginal microbial gel used in studies to reduce transmission of  HIV.

HIV Transmission Prevention Between Discordant Couples

A study including over 1,700 couples in nine countries (the vast majority heterosexual) demonstrates that early treatment with HAART  medications for the HIV-positive partner can reduce transmission of HIV to the uninfected partner. Through the early intervention of treatment the risk of transmitting the virus to the uninfected partner drops by 96 percent.

You can read a brief article on the subject HERE

A Thing of the Past?

Almost all mother-to-infant HIV spread could be prevented, article states. Read  the USA Today article:

AIDS Research

A pair of naturally occurring antibodies are able to kill more than 90% of all strains of HIV, researchers say. The finding could lead to the developments of new treatments and a possible vaccine.
….. Read more of this Los Angeles Times article:

Amazing Medical Advancements

Check out this article about the development of HIV resistant cells: