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    “Just call me ferenji” and “habesha” shirt pre-order!

“Just call me ferenji” and “habesha” shirt pre-order!

Preorder until Aug 22 only!
Kid shirts are $20 and adults are $25.

Just add up the amount and place it in the box and put what sizes/shirts you need in the comment section that will appear as you check out. (Make sure your address and email is correct on the info!!) This will save people from having to make multiple transactions.

All the proceeds from these shirts go to funding our Awassa directors’ trips to Ethiopia.

If you have questions on sizes, let me know. (email

PS (logo is on the side of the arm not the front)

These are fitted unisex shirts. Order your normal size.

Go to this link to order!

For those that don’t know: ferenji  means foreigner in Ethiopia and habesha means Ethiopian


Shopping with Purpose

The following post is from Charisa Knight our FIG Awassa Director.  Thank you for considering Project HOPEFUL Awassa during your gift giving!
This Christmas, give a gift that lasts past the newest fad or batteries. Give a gift that impacts lives of children and families in Awassa, Ethiopia!
Below are Project HOPEFUL Awassa’s Christmas gift options.
Click on the links to give and then email to receive a personalized jpg or pdf that you can print off to give to the recipient. You can also give gifts in honor or memory of someone.

How about buying a can of formula for $12? Formula is one of the biggest expenses at the orphanage.  Or make sure children are loved and taken care of by sponsoring a nannies’ salary for a month for $53?

You can also provide training, support, and start-up costs for a business for a widow in our Enabling Independence Program: $250  We have seen the remarkable difference this makes in women’s lives and one of our favorite programs. You can give any amount towards this.

Give the gift of a cow to a family to provide meat and milk for a family: $120   This is a huge gift to families and can be life changing.

A goat can be purchased to provide meat and offspring: $45  This is a gift that keeps on giving!

Save a life by preventing malaria with a mosquito net: $10 each

Give the gift of fresh, clean water. A donation of any amount will go toward our spring water project in the surrounding woredas of Awassa. Our next water project to be funded is in Bensa.

Give the gift of God’s word—an everlasting gift that changes lives.  $5 for […]

HIV Quiz Giveaway

Congratulations to Elizabeth, the winner of an exclusive ‘Send Me’ tee in the HIV Quiz from our post on Friday! Your name was drawn from the list of entries giving the correct answers to the questions.

Here again is the quiz, along with the correct answers:

1.) What are the three main ways HIV is transmitted?

Through unprotected sexual contact, through injection drug use or the sharing of needles, or through mother to child transmission during birth or breastfeeding.

2.) What does HIV stand for?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

3.) What does AIDS stand for?

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

4.) Are children with HIV/AIDS who are receiving proper medical care expected to die early?

No. Individuals with HIV/AIDS who are receiving proper medical care are expected to live a normal lifespan.

5.) Has HIV ever been transmitted among family members under normal living circumstances?

No.  It has NEVER been transmitted among family members under normal living circumstances.


Our thanks to everyone who participated!

We need you!

Today we’d like to ask a very special favor of you all.  As you know, today is the big day; the voting day for Project HOPEFUL in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program!  We need your help in spreading the word one last time and it’s a very simple thing to do.

Today from 6 a.m. to midnight EST, we would like every friend of Project HOPEFUL to donate their Facebook status.  Simply tell your friends that you are voting for Project HOPEFUL and that you are asking them to do the same and then keep that as your status for the whole day.  Be sure to give them this link so that they know where they need to go.  Remind them that a few simple clicks can make a huge impact on the lives of hundreds of children living with HIV.

This one last challenge has an extra special incentive. We are giving away 11 t-shirts for June 11th!  When you post your voting day status, come back here to this post and tell us in the comments that you did.  We will then enter you in the contest for one of eleven Send Me tees, which we will be giving away Sunday afternoon, June 12th.

Thank you again for your partnership with Project HOPEFUL! You are making a difference!

Send Me T-Shirt Giveaway: Challenge #3

Since the founding of Project HOPEFUL, we have known many children with HIV and AIDS.  Some of them have died before a family has found them.  However, we have never known a child, no matter how ill, to die in their birth country once they know that a family is coming.  The HOPE that they have is such a powerful force in their hearts that they will beat incredible odds waiting for their family to come for them. Project HOPEFUL has had the wonderful privilege of seeing 20 children matched with families just since this past April!

Project HOPEFUL’s Waiting Kids page currently includes almost 200 children who need the HOPE of knowing that a family is coming for them.  If we could reach just four families in each state with our message of HOPE and TRUTH  imagine the impact on this list alone!

Today, we’d like to challenge you to pick just one of those waiting children and advocate for them using your blog, Facebook and Twitter.  Scroll through the Waiting Kids pages and find a story that you want to share.  When you click on the child/ren’s name, choose the option along the top of the page for sharing it.  Then come back here and tell us who you advocated for.  We will choose an entry (via at 11am Central Time Friday morning (June 10th).

You can be a part of bringing HOPE to a child with this simple act of love!

Vote for Project HOPEFUL on June11th in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program and help us educate more families and individuals so they can advocate for and adopt these wonderful waiting children.

We have our first winner in the Send Me T-shirt Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who shared the video for Challenge #2!  The winner for that challenge is Amber!  Congratulations, Amber! We will be contacting you today to get your shipping information so we can get your t-shirt right out to you.

Do you want one of our exclusive ‘Send Me’ t-shirts?  Be sure to enter our first challenge! We’re almost ready to give that one away, too.

Challenge # 2 in the ‘Send Me’ T-shirt Giveaway

We are over halfway to the goal for Challenge #1 of getting 500 confirmed guests to the Vote for Project HOPEFUL June 11th in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program Event Page!  Keep sharing that link and entering the giveaway HERE !

Today, we are introducing our second challenge for another ‘Send Me’ t-shirt.  Today’s challenge is to post the Project HOPEFUL Toyota 100 Cars for Good video on your blog or Facebook and then come back and tell us in the comments how many people  have ‘liked’ and/or commented on your post as of 8am EST Monday, June 6th.  Each post that you make a comment about will count as one entry.  The link to the video is:

Project HOPEFUL Fact of the Day: Today we get a report from the FIG Program Director and Ukraine contact, Traci Heim ~

Three of our FIG children have identified families. One family is currently in Eastern Europe for the first trip. Traci Heim, the director of the FIG program is currently in Ukraine seeking to create relatiopnships with orphanages in order to better identify and advocate for the waiting children. Mercy Projects/Eastern European Outreach has hosted their stay in Kiev and took her to visit a church-run orphanage outside of Kiev. It doesn’t house HIV+ orphans, but she met a sibling group of 4, ages 16-4 who desperately need a family. The oldest girl will be allowed to remain at the orphanage until she is 18 and can be adopted up until that time. We need to identify their family!  Traci has pictures and video of the children and can be contacted at

The Truth is Contagious. Spread it!

If you’ve seen our Toyota 100 Cars for Good Campaign video, it may be that you’ve wondered “’Send Me?’… Send them where?”  Perhaps you’ve been wondering how all of the threads of Project HOPEFUL tie together.

Project HOPEFUL is dedicated to educating people about HIV/AIDS and helping prospective adoptive parents understand the practicalities of raising children with the virus. We have over five years experience successfully enabling individuals and families to adopt children with HIV. Our parent workshops held in partnership with the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital Adoption Center have been hugely successful. We are pleased to say that over 95% of families who attend our forums complete adoptions of children with HIV/AIDS.

Project HOPEFUL seeks to support adoption agencies as well. Project HOPEFUL can work with agency staff to coordinate webinars for families where Project HOPEFUL staff members can answer questions about adoption and HIV+ parenting. Using our Your Questions Answered booklet as a mini curriculum and following our open Q&A format we can equip prospective adoptive parents with basic facts about HIV/AIDS and help clear up any myths surrounding the virus or parenting these children.

Project HOPEFUL is also working to partner with Local Pediatric Infectious Disease (PID) specialists in every state available to replicate our educational workshops like the ones we hold with the University of Chicago in order provide access for prospective adoptive families to the medical professionals in their area.

We at Project HOPEFUL believe that we can make an enormous impact on the future of children around the world who are HIV+ through our efforts to eradicate social stigma in every state, but we lack funding.  One way that you can make a great difference is to visit our store. […]

An Interview with Funky Fish Designs

Dawn Patterson of Funky Fish Designs has been a huge supporter and friend to Project HOPEFUL. Many people flip for the beautiful jewelry she creates for us. Today we’d like to introduce her and Funky Fish Designs to our readers.

PH:You’re quite a prolific artist. You’ve created so many unique and beautiful pieces for Project HOPEFUL. How to you stay inspired and keep your creativity churning?

DP: I honestly have to give the creativity aspect to God. I whole heartedly believe He has given me this talent so I must give credit where credit is due. One thing I don’t do is force creativity. When I force it, I end up with a mess of beads. Often, I’ll see a design in my head and I will just roll with it. I also have some of my best conversations with God when I’m creating. I find that when I mass produce something, I lose some of the inspiration, so I try to keep changing out the designs to keep the creativity fresh and alive in my head.

PH: I love how you’ve turned your jewelry making abilities into a ministry that serves others. When did it first occur to you that thinking outside of the box with your work could lead to orphan advocacy?

DP: May 2009. That is when the wheels started to churn. I’ve been making jewelry a very long time and started my own business in 2003 but it wasn’t until 2009 that I really felt what direction God was calling me. Our church was on a mission trip to a small community in Zeway to care for orphans. I posted this on my Funky Fish facebook page:
Where I feel God leading me….
Posted on May […]

Win This Beautiful Bracelet

Funky Fish Designs has donated this AMAZING Truth Pandemic bracelet and Project HOPEFUL is offering you a chance to win.  Your $5 gift puts you in the drawing for this beautiful piece AND helps continue Project HOPEFUL’s Truth Pandemic educational work.

To enter go HERE put TRUTH in the comments. One entry per every $5 donation.


Drawing on December 10th

Our special thanks to Funky Fish Designs!

It’s Not About Me Tees

Have you seen the new “It’s Not About Me” Tees? They’re a hit! Get your hands on this cool distressed tee with a thought provoking message. Charcoal color.
$30, shipping included!
FITTED (women’s) (runs small) SM, M, L or XL
We are working on a completely new website store but purchases can be made NOW by going to
click on DONATE put “INAM Tee” in the memo with your size!

Project HOPEFUL Gear

These beautiful tees made of feathery light tissue cotton are a stylish conversation piece. In a baseball ringer tee style with green sleeves, the front says “147 Million Orphans” over a Project HOPEFUL background. The back says “Choose 1”
All proceeds go to funding Project HOPEFUL’s continuing work of Educating, Encouraging, and Enabling families and individuals to advocate for and adopt children with HIV/AIDS and severe special needs.

to get your tee shirt go to and use the “DONATE” button. Put CHOOSE 1 and size in the memo…XS-S-M-L and XL. The cost is $35.00.
THANK YOU for your support!