Project HOPEFUL supports child sponsorship in several of its global locations. Research has shown that direct sponsorship of children (or families) overseas is an effective way to support development and, ultimately, independence. In our experience it also has a remarkable impact on the sponsoring family.

Project HOPEFUL seeks your help to educate, encourage, and enable the HIV+ people of Ukraine through one on one relationships between our mentor and every HIV+ man, woman, and child who passes through the doors of Okmadet Hospital in Kiev.

In much the same way that HIV works, the FIG Ukraine program is also tiny but mighty. As Tanya speaks truth and is Jesus’ love, the destructive dynamic that HIV has had in Ukraine is systematically broken as each patient leaves the hospital equipped with truth and girded with loving support.

From Mariana Piepon of Ukraine Medical Outreach, our supervising partner in Ukraine:
“Please pray with us that Tanya will find the right words and the right time to pray with several of the moms…they all are going through such stressful times (many possibly learning for the first time that they themselves are HIV+).Pray also for the staff. Pray for wisdom in treating the illnesses and for COMPASSION in dealing with the patients and their families. May God be glorified through Tanya’s relationships at the hospital. She is one very special lady and we are more than blessed to have her on our team!!”


Would you consider becoming a warrior for every HIV+ person in Ukraine? Your prayers and financial support of $30/month make the spread of TRUTH and HOPE possible. Our permanent team of monthly program sponsors are invited to be a part of our private Facebook group. This allows for real time communication and updates directly from Tanya. She shares prayer requests, joys and trials faced by herself and each person she comes meets.

In addition to our monthly sponsors, FIG Ukraine has one time donation opportunities to support the program and Tanya as she tirelessly works to share truth and hope through in-person visits, bi-monthly group meetings, and round-the-clock phone availability.