Project HOPEFUL NFP was born at the end of 2006 and incorporated in the State of Illinois in 2007 when it received its 501(c)(3) status from the Federal Government.  Project HOPEFUL is primarily run by volunteer staff whose programs are supported purely through donations like yours.  When you make a donation to a waiting child through our Project HOPEFUL FIG program, all but 5% of the money donated goes directly to that particular child.  The 5% administrative fee is kept by Project HOPEFUL and used to support the administrative expenses reflected in our annual budget.  All donations to Project HOPEFUL, whether to our general fund, Hope + Sisterhood, the FIG program, a mission trip, or to a specific child, are tax deductible.  THANK YOU for your support.

Thank you for making a tax deductible donation to Project HOPEFUL NFP.  Your donation will be used to educate, enourage, and enable families and individuals to advocate for and adopt children with HIV/AIDS and other of the most overlooked children for adoption.  If you would like to direct your donation to a particular ministry, please note in the notes section of your donation.  Only a fee of $0.25 is taken out of your donation if you donate by check instead of credit card.  Consider maximizing your gift today!



If you would like to mail a check, you can mail it to:Project HOPEFUL, PO Box 1464, Wheaton, IL 60187-1464