The families listed on this page are in the process of adopting one or more children, some of whom are on Project HOPEFUL’s Waiting Children list. Yay! We are so excited for what God has in store for these families.

Would you consider partnering with one or more of these families to care for these children? Each is in the process of raising the funds necessary to provide these children a home. Donated funds are tax deductible and held in the child’s name. All funds are disbursed to the families as adoption-related receipts are provided.

If, at some point, the family cannot proceed for any reason, the funds will stay with the designated child in support of his or her adoption. If you have any questions related to our FIG Funds for waiting children, please contact Traci Heim at Alternatively, you can click the Give Today button at the top of a family’s page and make a donation.

For more information on the adoption journey, click here.

All for one!




Agee Family

The Agee family is adopting the young man they hosted – help them bring him home!

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Bushman Family

Lisa Bushman and her gorgeous kiddos are going to bring home a sweet one from Haiti! Help a single mama out!!!

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Campbell Family

A special focus child is waiting for the Campbells in China. Won’t you support them?

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Coleman Family

TWO sweet children for the Coleman family need YOUR help to get home!

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DeRoss Family

This child has a serious medical condition and needs to be home IMMEDIATELY.

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Eggimann Family

This family who has previously adopted is bringing home a daughter with special needs from Asia!

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French Family

The French family is bringing home a waiting child from East Africa. Help them reunite with their son!

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Gilliam Family

Corrie has waited SO LONG in China for a family to come to her. PLEASE consider support!

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This little boy from Latvia needs to come HOME!

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Morrisette Family

Help this teenager home before he ages out!

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Neely Family

Help bring home a child with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe.

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Phelps Family

Help this ANGEL baby get home to her family next month!!!

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Saubers Family

The Saubers family has a precious punkin waiting for them in Eastern Europe!

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Sharp Family

TWO children await the Sharp family who has been down this road before!

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Spangler Family

The Spanglers are a military family based in Alaska. Amanda and Jef have 3 children, and are in Uganda now to add a 4th child, a 7 year old boy...

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Stewart Family

Help this BLESSED single mama bring home her SECOND teenager! Support the Stewarts!

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Tam Family

The Tam family have an older child with HIV waiting for them. Let’s not allow these strikes to be an out!

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Walker Family

Wang just belongs in the Walker family as soon as he can get there!

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Warner Family

The Warner family needs YOU!!

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Wetters Family

The Wetters are stepping out in complete FAITH to get their daughter with special needs HOME!

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Wiederholt Family

This family isn’t afraid of birth order, HIV, older child, or anything! Can’t we lift them up?

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Winslow Family

We are the Winslow family from NH.  Glenn and I (Mary), have been married for 25 years! We live on a small farm we have named, “Grace Abounding Farm”.  Truly...

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