Busby16Our family is very excited to once again be growing through adoption. My husband, Cody, and I have been married for 15 years.  We have three beautiful daughters- Emma, Avery and Mercy.  Mercy joined our family through adoption in 2011. Her adoption journey was not an easy one and stretched our family and faith like nothing else.   I spent 11 months in Uganda completing the process.  God redeemed that time by leading me to start a ministry for pregnant women there and also gave me many amazing ministry opportunities strengthening my love for the people.  This time we are pursuing the adoption of a beautiful older girl from Uganda.We knew we wanted to adopt again and we have a big heart for older child adoption.  We never anticipated adopting a 14 year old, but God continues to show us His plan and confirm this for us.  We think she will make a wonderful addition to our family.  You can follow along with our story at http://www.lookingaroundthebend.blogspot.comAngel