Another Princess for the Campbell Family

Billy and Angela have been married for thirteen years.  At the time of their marriage they created a blended family of three children.  These children are now adults and have children of their own.  Angela desired to expand their family as she has a strong love for children and always dreamed of a large family.  She worked as a social worker for seventeen years with most of that time spent working with children and their families.

Campbell2Due to infertility issues they began to seek adoption.  Billy has always had a strong love of the Asian culture so Angela knew pursuing a China adoption would more likely gain his approval.  They adopted their first daughter in 2004 and saw firsthand the dire conditions in the orphanage knowing they would return. In 2006 they once again returned to China to adopt another daughter. At this point they felt their family was complete.

In 2010, God placed special needs adoption on Angela’s heart. After a night of prayer asking God if this was His plan, she awoke and the first Bible verse she saw was “I will not leave you orphan. I will come for you.” John 14:18 This was the answer! And what a gift they received! Their 3 year old daughter came home on Christmas Eve in 2012!



Campbell-1-300x200While in China they visited two orphanages. Seeing all the waiting children burdened their hearts, especially the older children. Since families can reuse their dossier from China to adopt a special focus child, this family was in prayer again asking God if this was His will. One night Angela saw an eight year old child on a photo-listing who she KNEW without a doubt was their “daughter”. Since they just adopted in December of 2012 and they are a one-income homeschooling family they are in need of assistance with funding.