Ruby’s family found her!

Family Story:

Andrew and Andie have 4 kids, 2 biologically and 2 who were adopted.   Last August, God put two little girls on Andie’s heart.  They were both waiting children with special needs, but they were in two different countries, so Andie figured it would be impossible to get them both.  Especially since their family was “done” adding children.  As Andrew and Andie prayed, it became apparent that they were supposed to pursue the little girl, Kacey, in Eastern Europe.  Tragically, the adoption ban was signed the day their home study was complete.  In addition, their I-600A was returned on the same day, having wandered the postal system for 6 weeks and never arriving to it’s destination.  At that time, Andie wondered if God would have them eventually file the I-800A for the other little girl in Asia.

eggimannfamily-300x200After months of praying and waiting, it became clear that there was no way forward with Kacey, due to their early stage in the process. Meanwhile the Eggimanns had a lot of funding, a home study, and God had moved all the obstacles to keep them from pursuing Ruby. They are brokenhearted and grateful all at the same time, but very much looking forward to welcoming Ruby into their family. They would appreciate prayers for Kacey, that she would feel the nearness of God and that He would provide a family for her. And for Ruby, that God would sustain her health and prepare her to be part of the Eggimann family.