Brian and Jodi Fish

Brian and Jodi Fish were married in 2007.  After years of waiting for God’s best, He led them to each other in the most unusual of circumstances.  Each trial that they faced and each experience they had while single prepared them for each other and the amazing adventure they call their life.

Now, almost seven years later, they are excited to step out in obedience as a family and heed God’s call to care for the least of these.  Prior to getting married, God placed each of them in situations where they saw firsthand the need for adoption and orphan care.  As a couple, they have been active in organizing and leading missions trips to care for orphans in China, Guatemala, and Mexico.  Early in their marriage they discussed the possibility of adoption, but the cost was always a hurdle that they struggled to overcome.

After the premature birth of their second son, Levi, they began to explore possibilities of adoption.  However, God had other plans and 20 months later, their third child, Isaac was born.  It was not long after the birth of Isaac that Jodi began to pray fervently whether God would lead them to adopt their fourth child.  She committed her heart to prayer and promised herself that she would wait until God led Brian to the same conclusion.  So she remained silent…and prayed.  It was in Guatemala on a trip to Village of Hope with members from Brian’s football team that her prayer was clearly answered. Midway through the week, Jodi walked into the dining room while Brian was reading his Bible and he looked up at her and simply said, “I’m ready.  When we get home, let’s see what we need to do.”

And so, after three biological children, they are following God’s long-time tug on their hearts to add one more through adoption.  The financial hurdle is still very real as a one income family, but God has faithfully encouraged them that He will provide if they step out in faith.