FrenchFamily2We desire to adopt a little boy 3yrs old from East Africa. We have met Little “E” on our trip to Africa for the adoption of our daughter. He is such a sweet boy and has a sweet spirit even though he has had a very tragic life.  Every child deserves  to have a loving family who will care for him and love him. We know firsthand the blessing adoption has on families, with the adoption of our little Lilly. This child deserves to be in a family who will love him and raise him to be the boy/man God intended him to be.






FrenchFamilyWe are the French family, 2 years ago, God started breaking our hearts for what breaks His through adoption.  We have 5 biological children (three are grown) 1 special needs adopted daughter and 1 daughter in heaven. We knew from the start God was calling us to adopt two children, but didn’t know how that looked or how it would happen; we were giving it all to God.  Three days before we left to go meet our daughter in East Africa to adopt, we got an email about a little boy in the same part of East Africa as our daughter, whom desperately needs a family.  After much prayer we knew this was God’s call for our family to bring this little boy home too. Adoption has been such a blessing already to our family. This little boy is a treasure and precious and deserves to be loved.  We are looking forward to traveling soon to bring him home to his FOREVER family. As we save, save, save, earn, fundraise, and pray to bring our precious boy home to North Carolina from East Africa, we are thankful to each and every one of you who are joining us to do just that. You can visit our family’s blog here: Their current need: $18,000