Corrie joins the Gilliam Family

Gilliam2-300x200We are the Gilliam family—Scott and Holly, married 19 years, three biological boys ages 14, 11 and 9, and two girls born in our hearts, ages 25 and 5. We are a close family that loves to be together and have fun together.  We enjoy camping, playing games and mostly just being silly together.  And with all the boys around here, there is a lot of wrestling going on!  Even little Sarah joins in, of course.  We are active in our church and homeschool activities, and we love the Lord and keep Him at the center of our lives.  Hubby has a job he works mostly from home, and I am a stay-at-home homeschool mom, so we are all together most of the time!

I (Holly) have always had a passion for orphans and adoption.  I always knew I wanted to adopt children, and I was thrilled when my husband agreed we should.  After we adopted Sarah in 2009, I wondered what God would have in store for our future.  I felt sure that I wanted to adopt again, but Scott was not sure it was time, or if it ever would be time.

Gilliam1-199x300In 2010, our older daughter volunteered in a baby home for critically ill babies in China for six months.  There, she fell in love with a little two-year-old girl named Corrie.   Soon, I was falling in love with this sweet girl, too.  Three years later at five years old, she still did not have a family, and my heart was aching to bring her into our hearts and home.  The Lord laid it on Scott’s heart, too, and the rest is history!  Corrie had a very rough start but is doing well now, and still struggles with developmental delays and deafness.  We are moving full speed ahead to get our paperwork ready so that we can get on the plane!  We can’t wait to give her hugs and kisses and the medical help and therapy that she needs.  Feel free to read our family blog if you’d like to follow our precious girl’s story: