Kael’s family found him!

Family Story:

boysaubersJeff and Shauna met 18 years ago when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. Shauna said she immediately knew that he was “the one”…..Jeff said it took her laughing uncontrollably at the worst movie ever on their first date to know that she was the one he wanted to spend his life with. 17 years and 4 children later proves that their instincts were right! When Shauna was 12 years old she watched a documentary on children in Eastern European orphanages and something inside her broke. After trying to convince her parents to adopt one of these children and being told no, she decided that when she was older, she would adopt one of these children. Shauna has always been drawn to children with special needs, especially children with Down syndrome. After prayerfully convincing Jeff that adoption is where their path is going, they have started their journey. Jeff and Shauna’s 4 children all have a genetic brain disorder realize that with their experience with their children’s special needs, they are very well equipped to parent a child with Down syndrome. Originally Shauna knew in her heart that international adoption is what she wanted, but after praying about it, Jeff and Shauna decided that domestic adoption would be the best fit for their family. This summer, after being matched with a birth mom and growing to love her, she decided to parent the baby and they were heartbroken, but so proud of her at the same time. They are still in contact with her and consider her to be a part of their family that they love very much. After the failed adoption they weren’t sure if they were supposed to continue, but God whispered that their baby was still waiting and after praying, they decided to step out and go where God was leading them the whole time! Jeff and Shauna have watched as several friends have brought home their children from all corners of the world. Bringing home this sweet baby boy truly is a dream come true for this family and they appreciate your support and prayers!

saubersfamilyThey are currently working on the mountain of dossier paperwork and praying that their new son can be home soon!You can follow the Saubers Family Journey at: http://macnsweetpeas.blogspot.com/