Slavik has a family who is pursuing him.  Please keep praying!!

Slavik is a 15 year old boy from Ukraine.  He has been in an orphanage for several years.  He was brought there after extreme neglect by his mother.  He is slightly built and shy, but very kind.  People who know Slavik have noted that the other kids, boys & girls, all liked and trusted Slavik.  He was hosted just once, last summer, by a host-only family. He is very eager to be adopted, and writes his host family and other friends regularly, asking them to find him a “family forever.” Slavik has been reading the Bible he got in America and says he prays God will bring him a family. He turns 16 on March 3.  A family who wanted to have the option to adopt him would need to file (or already have) an I-600a to “freeze” him and keep him available.

Slavik3From his summer host mom: “Slavik is a kind, quiet & unassuming boy.  He loves animals & even enjoyed taking care of our dogs last Summer.  He made certain they had food, water, walks & treats daily with no reminders!  He is a very intelligent boy, quick to pick up English words, and very attentive in the English class he attended with other children in the host program.  He enjoyed water sports after a bit of coaxing and really opened up to new experiences once he knew he was safe. He would do well in a family with younger children as well as preteens.  He would also thrive with empty nesters.  He enjoys soccer, computers and video games.”

Will you GIVE to support Slavik’s dream of having a FAMILY?  Your donations will go to the family who God chooses for Slavik.  If he becomes unavailable for adoption, the funds will be designated for another child who needs to come home.  Please help us find his family before it’s too late!