facebook_1748123340I am an older, single mom with a 13 year old daughter, Grace, who was adopted.  Unable to have children and being the primary caregiver for my elderly mom, I thought in a few years my retirement life would be spent between the beaches and mountains with my beloved dog. Little did I know, God had another plan for me to become a mom.

Not only did I adopt my only child at age 58, but I am headed back to Uganda in a few weeks to adopt my second teenage daughter, Dianah. Yes, you read that right! Two teenager girls!  My beautiful daughters needed a loving family and home; something only in my dreams, is now a reality.
Will you join in the wonderful, transformative mission to bring Dianah home?

UPDATE: Time is running out! D is 13 years old and was rescued in early 2013 by a Project Hopeful team member who was traveling in Uganda. Thanks to the help of many here and in her country, she is now in a safe place and has the hope of a family through adoption! Her mom and teen sister (also from Uganda) are waiting to receive her! Travel costs are $6,000 and must be raised immediately! PH has been given a $3,000 matching grant for all gifts received. Please give whatever you can to bring sweet D into the loving arms of her forever family!