Wang’s family found him!

Family Story:

We are the Walkers, Adam, Jessica, Sara Kate, Ethan and Anna Ruth. We love Jesus, His Church, and each other. We belong to a house church in Duluth and have had the privilege of sharing life with these brothers and sisters for more than two years now. Before that we worked in vocational ministry doing everything from Childrens Ministry (Jess), to Student Ministry (Adam), to planting a church in Decatur, GA (a family endeavor).Currently Adam is a web developer with Sideways 8, a company he co-founded, and Jess teaches middle school History part-time and otherwise is a homemaker. Though God has brought us to this place in a most unusual way, our plan for our lives is to continue to grow Sideways 8 in order to support our family, while also planting house churches in and around the Atlanta area.You can visit the family’s blog here: