Akos for the Wetters Family

About The Family:

AkosWe are the Wetters family. Over 3 years ago, we started our journey of adoption. We have 4 biological children, and decided to go with a domestic adoption so our kids could be part of it….every step of the way. After waiting for over a year, we were matched with a birth mom. We had the opportunity to travel to meet her, take her to the doctor’s appointments, and developed a friendship with her. In the end, she decided to keep her baby. We continued to pursue domestic adoption, but unfortunately, we were not matched with another mom again. Heartbroken and wondering if we were on the wrong path, we decided to let go. We felt that if God wanted us to adopt, He would place a child in our laps. We didn’t know how this would happen, but we didn’t know what else to do. But, God is amazing! Within a month, a friend showed me a picture of a little girl in Ghana, and asked if we wanted her. We got connected with someone who had all the details about her, and we found out that this little girl has special needs. She was in a private home, so there were no country costs. We continued to pray about it and felt that we should bring her home.

Wetters-FamilyA couple weeks ago, we found out that Ghana is now closed to private adoptions. Our hearts broke as we thought this was another ‘no’. Within a few weeks, we learned that there is a new option for us that opened the door so that we could still bring her home. With more prayer, and complete faith in God, we decided to continue to pursue this adoption. The costs are more than what we were expecting, but we know that if this is God’s will, He will make it possible to get Akos home…and we can’t wait!