We are the Winslow family from NH.  Glenn and I (Mary), have been married for 25 years!


We live on a small farm we have named, “Grace Abounding Farm”.  Truly God’s grace abounds here! We are a homeschool family, and have been for the last 13 years. Adoption is our mission field! We have 2 beautiful biological daughters. Brittany is 24, and married, and we have 2 awesome grand daughters. They all live just a few towns away from us! Madelyn is 18, and a fabulous big sister! Grace (17), and Jonathan (10) were adopted from Haiti over 8 years ago! They are such a blessing to us! Edward and his twin sister Elisha (14) were adopted from foster care almost 4 years ago. Nicole now 8 was adopted from foster care 3 years ago. Rosalinda will be 2 next week, and she was privately adopted as a drug addicted infant. We are truly blessed.

For the past 14 months we have been on a journey of adopting 2 Bulgarian blessings. Jeremiah is 9, and Zoey turned 7 on December 23rd.

Yanka_referral_photo  IMG_3342

We got to meet them on a trip in December. This was incredible! Our precious Zvezdelina went to heaven on January 6th. We have decided to add another Bulgarian blessing to our adoption, and God led us to JoyAnna.  Our beloved Zvezdelina:


Thank you for praying for us, and encouraging us! We truly covet that!

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