Project HOPEFUL is passionate about BRINGING HOPE to overlooked children and mothers around the world. We believe that hands on direct care benefits recipients and those providing care in ways that are hard to quantify or describe.

We offer a variety of opportunities throughout the year to travel with Project HOPEFUL to one of our locations. Each of our trips is designed with three purposes in mind:

(i) to bring hope to project service recipients – without additional burdens;
(ii) to support and build up local, indigenous nonprofit organizations; and
(iii) to ignite passion in trip participants to continue to look for opportunities to care for overlooked children and mothers in their everyday lives.


Mission Statement:
Our main goal is to see families stay together, to educate children, and to help families achieve independence through our income generation projects for HIV+ women and education of young adults program. We work in Ethiopia to provide HOPE for women and children living in extreme poverty. We also want our families to know that they are loved and prayed for and that they are loved by a God who sacrificed everything for them and loves them more than we can comprehend.

Core Values:
Service + Relationships – we want to foster meaningful and lasting relationships with the people we serve.
Humble + Helpful-we believe we have as much to learn as we have to teach. Be open to learning.
Purposeful Giving-we put great thought into who we accept into our sponsorship programs because we do not view them as a hand out. They are a hand up. Opportunity—not charity…

Before you apply…
1. Be 18 years or older (if you are under 18, you can only apply if a parent/legal guardian is also applying and desires to travel with you as part of the team; minimum age is 13 years old.)
2. Have a valid passport that does not expire until six months after the trip. (If you do not currently have a passport, please start the process immediately.)
3. Submit the HOPE+ ETHIOPIA Application and two references prior to the application deadline.

Please be aware that we are a different type of “mission” trip that can be better described as a “vision” trip or a “Go, Learn, Return and Respond” trip. Our trips are not as much as about “doing” as they are about learning and building relationships. Our focus is to love on our families, support our staff in Ethiopia and build relationships with a hope that you will continue to advocate for the people you meet while in country.

For future travel dates or an application, please email

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