Project HOPEFUL’s desire to support mothers in need – particularly those mothers who have an HIV diagnosis – was born out of our love for birth mothers and the terribly difficult and unfair decisions they have had to make regarding the care of their children.  Out of this desire, the Hope + Sisterhood family of programs was born.


We are passionate about sponsoring mothers because many of the women who are HIV positive are widows, either by death or abandonment.  Without a hand-up, these women are unable to develop and sustain an independent life.  Many will be confronted with the terrible, painful decision to give up their children for adoption if they can’t make ends meet.

Project HOPEFUL believes in the beautiful gift of adoption but recognizes adoption isn’t always the best answer.  Through our sponsorship of mothers, a modest monthly amount allows these women to dig out of poverty, receive job-training, and maybe even start a business.  For some, it will be the difference between giving up their children and being able to raise them successfully.

The Sisterhood program provides us with a wonderful opportunity to walk with a mother interested in parenting her children.  Will you join us in partnering with a woman in one of our countries?

Hope + Sisterhood Ethiopia