Project HOPEFUL developed the Hope + Sisterhood program to support mothers in developing countries who are infected with or affected by the HIV virus.  The initial goal of the Sisterhood was to help prevent children from becoming orphans because of the HIV virus.  Since its initiation, the Sisterhood has grown to provide not only financial and prayer support for mothers and their children, but also micro-financing and job training which allows the mothers to be self-supporting upon graduation from the program.  Your partnership in the Sisterhood will be life changing for one family.

The Hope + Sisterhood program in Ethiopia was our first Sisterhood.  Our Ethiopia program provides medical, nutritional, spiritual, and financial care for HIV positive mothers and their families.

Our Sisterhood in Ethiopia provides training on the following topics:  nutrition, sanitation, proper hygiene, medication management (particularly medicine to treat HIV), responding to stigma surrounding HIV, money management and the importance of friendships.


Our staff works with each woman in the program to identify potential small business ideas so that the mothers can work toward long-term sustainability.  We visit the women in their homes to assist them in determining whether their chosen occupation will work given their living situation.  In order to alleviate some of the stress in their lives, we provide three meals a day and financing for transportation to meetings during the first two months a woman is in the program.  

Once an occupation is identified, we work together to develop the skills necessary for our mothers to be successful and then provide start up capital in the form of a grant to women in the program.  As they begin work, we monitor and provide follow up after-care as needed.  

Your monthly partnership of $50 for six months will support a sister through all three of these phases and on to independence! When you join the sisterhood, you will be assigned a sister.  Each Ethiopian sister will have two US sisters.  Once you have contacted us and are matched, you will receive a picture and information about your sister.  You may also choose to write letters to her and even meet her.

To sign up to be a sister in our Hope + Sisterhood in Ethiopia, follow these simple steps:

1.  Email us so we can match you with a sister.

2.  After you are matched, return to this page and start your monthly donations at the button below!

3.  Welcome to the Sisterhood!

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This program is operated in partnership with the Ethiopian Family Fund.

For more information about visiting Ethiopia on one of our Sisterhood trips, click here.