1454765_10151971585585782_1502864133_n1Project HOPEFUL developed the Hope + Sisterhood program to support mothers in developing countries who are infected with or affected by the HIV virus. The initial goal of the Sisterhood was to help prevent children from becoming orphans because of the HIV virus. Since its initiation, the Sisterhood has grown to provide not only financial and prayer support for mothers and their children, but also micro-financing and job training which allows the mothers to be self-supporting.

The majority of our Hope + Sisterhood mothers in Guatemala are impacted by the HIV virus and many are also very poor and subject to extreme abuses. For example, because of severe poverty, women in Guatemala are trafficked for prostitution at a young age, leaving them vulnerable to serious abuse and disease, including HIV. This cycle of poverty and violence often repeats itself in the lives of their children absent intervention. Our Hope + Sisterhood seeks to address malnutrition, sexual abuse, and disease. We seek to provide our Guatemalan sisters with these services:

SAFETY Most of the mothers in our Sisterhood live on the Village of Hope property. Safety is our number one priority.

PERSONAL CARE The women need everything from clothes to tooth brushes to groceries and we provide it through your partnership.

1454594_10151964610185782_1657929209_n2COUNSELING AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CARE Our Guatemalan sisters have regular visits with a psychologist and hear the truth about who they are — pure, precious and blameless.

PARENTING CLASSES Our program includes parenting classes and methods for providing appropriate child care.

MEDICAL CARE Village of Hope has a staff doctor who treats each sister. We also consult with specialists at the University of Chicago in order to provide medical care to our mothers and their children.

JOB TRAINING We provide job skills training with a goal toward self-sustainability for all mothers entering the Sisterhood. Our training includes cosmetology, sewing, jewelry making, and other crafts.

PERMANENT HOME The goal of the Sisterhood is to identify and provide permanent housing for our sisters. The path for this remains ongoing.

Your monthly commitment of $45 for one year provides a hand-up to one of our vulnerable sisters. Each sister is paired with five or six sisters in the U.S. who each provide $45 a month. If your sister creates any handicrafts for sale, she may also seek your help marketing these in the U.S.


To sign up to be a sister in our Hope + Sisterhood in Guatemala, follow these simple steps:

  1. Email us so we can match you with a sister. lyndsay@projecthopeful.org
  2. After you are matched, return to this page and start your monthly donations at the button below!
  3. Welcome to the Sisterhood!

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Here is a printable brochure about our program:  Hope Positive Guatemala