It has long been a vision of Project HOPEFUL and its staff to create around the world safe places . . . homes with families . . . for overlooked children and mothers.

While we recognize the need for institutional facilities (orphanages) in some settings, we prayed and were inspired to develop care for the overlooked in a more Biblical model, designed in part with the knowledge of the scars of our own children who experienced institutional care.  That Biblical model is caring families, focused on loving and rehabilitating mothers and children.  Scripture tells us that God sets the lonely in families, and we believe that means children everywhere – especially the overlooked – desire to be in families because that is how God designed us all.  Psalm 68:6.

In our family units, designed to care for overlooked children and mothers, we provide the following:

  • Personal care needs
  • Medical care provided by staff doctors or local facilities
  • Psychosocial care including counseling and therapy provided by staff psychologist
  • Educational tutoring
  • Parenting classes to aid in bonding and attachment, especially for our children who have experienced serious abuse and trauma
  • Appropriate play for the children to make up for lost time and just being children
  • Personal mentoring especially with the teenagers and young mothers

We hope and pray that the Lord will lead us to establish villages around the world over time.

For more information about our initiative in Guatemala, please VISIT HERE