Project HOPEFUL is not an adoption agency. Project HOPEFUL assists adoption agencies in advocating for particular waiting children from around the world. If you are interested in joining our efforts by becoming a Child Sponsor or if you are seeking to adopt a child living with HIV or other special needs, you may email us at Waiting Children.

If you are an agency representative and would like for Project HOPEFUL to advocate for a particular child, please email us here for more information.

For more information on the adoption journey, click here.

Blessings on the journey!

The children listed below have been waiting for a family to find them and commit to bringing them home. These children are truly overlooked. Each child has a FIG Fund that will help offset adoption costs for his or her forever-family once they are officially matched.  Funds donated to a child will stay with that child and will be released as expense reimbursements once a family is officially matched with the child.  If, for some reason, the funds can not be used by that child, Project HOPEFUL will re-allocate the funds to another waiting child.

Please help us identify a home and a forever family for these children or consider making a tax-deductible gift to help get them home.  To protect their privacy, we have changed their names on this site.

Note:  these children are being advocated for by the agency listed under their name.  Project HOPEFUL does not have independent information about any of these children.  


Aiden  Aiden is a part of the These 400 campaign which hopes to match 400 waiting children from around the world with their forever family. These children having been waiting...

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Aleksey was born on the 26th of August, 2001.  It was just a year ago that Aleksey was unable to walk, he could only crawl. Nowadays he can walk...

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Angela was born in 2005.  When Angela was first brought to the orphanage, she was sitting quietly in her bed, smiling gently when someone touched her. When she was...

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Karina was born in 2009.  Karina is unable to express her wishes and emotions by word or action, but she always responds with a smile to kindness, love, and...

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Kirill was born in 2008.  Kirill is always happy to meet new people, and immediately wins people over with his sincere smile. This little boy is very good-natured to...

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Oleg was born on the 18th of June, 2002.  If something interests him, he will spend hours on that activity. He won’t even take a nap during nap...

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Sergey was born on the 18th of February, 1999.  Last year, psychologists from Kiev ran a training session in orphanage where Sergey is staying. And it so happened, that...

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Svetlana was born on the 8th of February, 1999. This fourteen-year old girl is so deeply occupied by her own body since there is nothing else she can basically do...

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Trey Trey is a part of the These 400 campaign which hopes to match 400 waiting children from around the world with their forever family. These children having been waiting...

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Vera was born on the 13th of September, 2001.  Vera is one of few girls in the orphanage. She is also one of the most talented children in her...

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Vladislav (1)

Vladislav was born on the 13th of January, 1999.  Vladislav is a very energetic child, he needs to be constantly busy, and he can change what he’s busy...

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Vladislav (2)

Vladislav was born on the 28th of November, 2003.  Known as a calm child, Vladislav will make some sounds. He seems to feel some pain, but does not have...

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Teddy, 11 years old, from Africa

Teddy is 11 years old.  This sweet boy in Africa is WAITING for a family to come get him!  A recent visitor reports:  “He’s HIV+ but is holding...

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Egor is waiting for his family in Ukraine and it’s urgent!  His sister is already here in the states and he’s ready to come as well! His hobbies...

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Felicia from Peru

Felicia was born in 2002 and has been waiting for a family to find her!  Felicia has Focalized Convulsive Syndrome.   She makes involuntary movements with her hands and...

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Hester has Down Syndrome. Here is her most recent update: “Hester is 1 year and 8 months old. She is introverted and quiet, likes music and TV, has no...

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Lana has Down Syndrome. Here is a recent update: “Lana: at the age of 5 months, she can smile when teased, and can visually follow the moving people; she...

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Levi from Serbia

Levi (L.M.) is waiting for his family in Serbia.  Born in 2004, Levi has Down Syndrome and is in an institution. For more information on Levi or...

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Lucas from Ethiopia

Lucas is a sweet 11 year old boy born on June 6, 2003.  He was relinquished by his brother after both of his parents passed away when he was only...

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Margo from Serbia

Margo (M.J.) is from Serbia where she is waiting for a family.  Born in 2006, Margo has Down Syndrome and is in an institution. For more information on...

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Oliver from Peru

Oliver was born in 1997 and lives in Peru.  Oliver has severe Cerebral Palsy, but he does laugh spontaneously and is attracted to those he is familiar with. If you are...

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Rhett in Ethiopia

Rhett is a very sweet 4 year old boy.  His mother is destitute and his father is unknown. Rhett has no other realtives who can provide care and his mother is unable...

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Shadrach smaller


SHADRACH MAY HAVE A FAMILY!!!!  KEEP PRAYING! Shadrach is from a rural village in the northernmost part of Ghana. He is almost 2 years old and suffers from a pre-birth...

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