Project HOPEFUL staff, volunteers and Board members are passionate about seeing waiting children come home to their forever families.

To that end, we have established a grant program (called “FIG Funds” – which stands for Family In the Gap Funds) for children who are waiting to be matched with a family or have been matched but the family is still raising funds for the adoption process.

Our FIG Funds seek to make the adoption decision easier by eliminating financial hurdles. Would you consider supporting one of these children by giving to the child’s FIG fund?  You can help make it possible for a child to have a family and a home.

If for any reason one of these children becomes unavailable for adoption, Project HOPEFUL will re-allocate the FIG Fund to another waiting child.  In no circumstance will the funds be distributed to a family that has ceased its efforts to adopt a child. In most cases the funds are distributed once the family is in-country and has an official match (from the governing authority) for that child.

To see our waiting children and their associated FIG funds, click here.