E. Europe

DOB: Inquiry needed.

Egor’s sister is already here in the states and he is ready to come as well!

egorkk_2His hobbies are very diverse. Like all boys, he likes to play football (he takes an active part in the competition between schools, and generally plays as a goalkeeper), also he enjoys playing basketball, in computer games he prefers the strategy and tactics, and, of course, the race such as “Need For Speed”. He is fond of watching movies, and does it in his spare time. The boy prefers films about real men, whose example you can follow, because, according to him, he still has a lot things to learn about.


Egor remained the same restless, cheerful boy, but he also surprised a lot the employees of our foundation by his new interests. His free time the boy often spends in the library. Among school subjects he prefers geography and nature-study, but his favorite science is physics. Egor is seriously engaged in floristics, and has fun of creating interesting scenery from all kinds of materials. Also, he likes to pack gifts and create a festive gift boxes, and makes it to anyone who asks him about it.

Egor with computer
The boy dreams of becoming a chef, as he is keen on cooking, although, the best of his dishes now are meat dumplings.


Will you help Egor get home today? Please help us find his family before it’s too late!
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