ib-ta-teddy011_blur1Teddy is 11 years old.  This sweet boy in Africa is WAITING for a family to come get him!  A recent visitor reports:  “He’s HIV+ but is holding on and getting treatments. He is super-endearing. [My husband] met him and can confirm that he’s very sweet-hearted and friendly. He’s about 11 years old now and has probably been on our waiting list longer than or at least as long as any of our longest-waiting waiting children.”

Teddy is in one of the worst kept orphanages.  It seems to be the “left-over” orphanage where the older boys and HIV+ kids are placed.   This handsome young man may have a grant of up to $10,000 available toward his adoption!!!

If you are interested in Teddy, or other waiting children in Africa, please contact Illien Adoption International, Paige Enfinger at (888) 831-8841.